Will a complex and vulnerable Supply Chain be the end of globalization?




Nov 25th, 2020 from:

09:15 - 10:45

Has globalization come to an end?

Frank Berg Rasmussen

VP, Global Supply Chain at Coloplast

Dominic Regan

Senior Director at Oracle


09:10 – 09:15: Arrival

Guests can dial in, get comfortable, check their technology is working, turn off all distractions, and get ready for the discussion.

09.15 – 09.20: Welcome by twoHundred:

Opening remarks from the facilitator to set the scene for the morning: context, how it will all work and some house rules.

09.20 – 09.50: Frank Berg Rasmussen, VP Global Supply Chain, Coloplast & Dominic Reagan, Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, EMEA, Oracle

Each presenter has 10 minutes to give his view on the topic followed by a joint Q&A session for 10 minutes.

Theme: Has globalization come to an end?

“Companies face conflicting requirements when it comes to their supply chains. On the one side, they require agility and transparency in order to react fast to the demands of a constantly changing market. On the other, they frequently require a longer time-horizon in order to adequately capture, identify, prioritize and solve the strategic needs of their business. Companies that have mastered this capability can solve their resource shortages faster and more effectively, hence enhancing delivery performance.”

09.55 – 10.30: Group discussion – 3 or 4 virtual breakout groups:

Each group will choose one or more of the questions.

1. How can Supply Chain Directors and VP’s best make their case for having their supply chain priorities
influence overall corporate business strategy?

2. Is Lean Supply Chain dead? Faced with the aftermath of global disruption, what will be the new priorities for the future supply chain?

3. With the emphasis now on short term cost reduction and operational agility, what ongoing role – if any – might traditional network design have in supply chain planning?

4. Off-shoring, near-shoring, right-shoring – what might a resilient supply chain of the future look like?

10.30 – 10.45: Key findings & wrap-up

Each breakout group will present a group discussion point for the panel, and input will be sought, discussed, and shared to the benefit of all during this interactive discussion.

10.45: Thank you