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Dec 11th, 2019 from:

08:00 - 11:00

Digital Transformation - marketplace og product as a service

Christian Agger

Head of Digital and Business Transformation at SATAIR

For many years CIOs and IT executives have been talking about how to get closer to business. For the time being, we are seeing a wave of digital transformations flush over companies and in the wake of these we have in some cases seen, that IT has not only come closer to business, but has simply become business.

At this networking breakfast you will be introduced to such a case and have the opportunity to discuss with equals how you can succeed with the transformation of your business.



Welcome, introduction and English breakfast. v. twoHundred og ForgeRock


Digital Transformation – marketplace og product as a service
v/ Christian Agger, Head of Digital & Business Transformation, Satair

From the start, the task was to transform by modernizing internal systems, but at Satair, it ended with the vision of creating a platform that could become a digital ecosystem for global procurement for the entire industry and thereby a whole new line of business.

Christian gives an insight into how to do it in practice and how to handle the many new technologies and the uncertainties they bring.

It has among other things demanded that Christian have built a whole new digital team from scratch, as they suddenly had to create customer-facing solutions that require a completely different “user experience”. At the same time, one must deal with the fact that such a platform opens up for threats as “outsiders” get full access into the heart of your business.


Group Discussion based on the following challenges:

1. Which are the biggest challenges to succeed in digital transformation
2. What to consider when moving from internal systems to external platforms
3. How do we ensure that legacy systems do not interfere with the good experience in customer-facing solutions

Wrap up. v. Christian Agger og ForgeRock

Thank you and To-go sandwich, twoHundred

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