New Marketing Opportunities Post Covid-19




May 6th, 2021 from:

09:00 - 10:30

Elizabeth Fjellerup

Group CMO at Nordea

Mari Turhanen

Senior Director, CX Solutions Engineering North at Oracle

The Covid-19 crisis has meant years of change in only months and the adoption and use of digital solutions has increased immensely. Increased digitalization and new ways of working/shopping/meeting has for many marketers meant that we have had to rethink or at least act fast as to how to connect with customers and redesign the customer experience to adapt to the crisis, and the threats and opportunities that follow.

Global trends such as purpose, sustainability and an ever-explosion of data and information has not rested in force, and this together with the Covid influence makes the future from a CMO perspective as interesting as ever.

How are we as CMOs dealing with the apparent changes? What will stick and what will stay and how do we turn challenges and threats into opportunities and solutions?

08:50 – 09:00:
Guests can dial in, get comfortable, check their technology is working, turn off all distractions, and get ready for the discussion.

Welcome by twoHundred:
Opening remarks from twoHundred to set the scene for the morning: context, how it will all work and some house rules. Kim Funch, Head of Events, Nordics, twoHundred.

09.05 – 09.35: Elizabeth Fjellerup, Global CMO, Nordea: New Marketing opportunities (post) Covid-19.

Elizabeth will talk about the Covid experience in Nordea and what Nordea has done to stay close to customers in an ever-changing environment using digitalization as tools for sustaining the customer experience.

  • How have organizational and operating models changed to be quick and flexible enough to meet consumers at all times?
  • How has Nordea built agility into their organization?
  • How have the changes in customer behavior affected the (marketing) digital innovation of the organization?
  • All new colors of the world – white-washing, green-washing, pink-washing…


09.35 – 10.20: Knowledge exchange – group discussion: From Understanding Needs to Recognizing Unexpressed Desires

Mari Turhanen, Senior Director CX Solution Engineering – Nordics/Germany/Switzerland from Oracle
will initiate the group discussion on Understanding Needs to Recognizing Unexpressed Desires

This is an opportunity to debate the stimulus question with your virtual CMO peers across the Nordics. Participants will be divided into three groups with three different moderators. Each Breakout group brings together peers from across brands and/or industries, creating an open environment for frank discussion and sharing real world experiences from the following questions.

Question 1: What lasting changes do we believe the pandemic will have on the external behavior of our customers and prospects when it comes to engaging with and buying from our brands? What will they do differently? What new patterns and channels of interaction will we need to adapt to and master?

Question 2: How has Covid changed our customers “on the inside”? And how will this change how our customers and prospects prioritize their attention, decide what is important to them, and make decisions? Do we really know our customers, markets & segments now?  Or do we mostly know our customers as they were before Covid?  Might we need to re-segment our markets or re-align our brands based on the changes we have all experienced as humans during Covid? What has really changed beneath the surface?  

Question 3: What can we do to get to know our “New Normal” customers? It is a given that we need up-to-date, quality data and signals so that we can turn insight into actions. But how will we do this so that we use the opportunities provided by Covid in the right way by understanding our customers as they are now, instead of how they were a year ago.

10.20 – 10.30
: Follow-up on Group Discussion.

.30: Thank you

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