Digital & Cultural Transformation at Atlas Copco


Grand Hotel

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, 103 27 Stockholm


Dec 13th, 2019 from:

08:00 - 11:00

08:45 - 09:45

Digital & Cultural Transformation at Atlas Copco - embrace and adapt to the future in a world of speed and transformation

Sabina Helmerson

VP HR at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique

Digital transformation is not only about technology it is about organizational agility. The culture in organizations plays a vital role in the digital transformation of any business. Culture leads the adoption of technology. The ability to innovate depends on the impatience of the organizational culture.

08:00 – 08:45: Introduction and breakfast and short introduction by twoHundred & SAP.

08:45 – 9.45: Digital & Cultural Transformation at Atlas Copco – embrace and adapt to the future in a world of speed and transformation by Sabina Helmerson, VP HR Atlas Copco, Industrial Technique.

Atlas Copco is like many other companies is on a transformation journey in order to embrace and adapt to an everchanging future. This transformation impacts the entire organization. In order to utilize the digitalization vision and ambitions to deliver new digital offerings, it has been vital to build and develop new capabilities in several areas. Furthermore, a whole new mindset and agile ways of working has also proven necessary. This has challenged the company culture, organizational set-up and general HR processes.

In this workshop Sabina Helmerson will share how Atlas Copco works with the following issues:

– The Digital Transformation in Atlas Copco
– How to organize in cross-functionally agile teams
– How to attract and empower Digital Talents
– Building Corporate Digital Capabilities and culture
– Enablers and Challenges – impact on the traditional leadership roles, HR structures and processes
– How to become Customer value-orientated
– Creating active growth mindset
– Empowering and coaching for results


Group Discussion on organizational barriers in the digital transformation.
The group discussion will deal with the organizational barriers and shortcomings that take up a lot in the Digital Transformation, where we hope you will share your experiences and thoughts on following topics:

– What role does HR play in Digital transformations?
– How does Digitalization impact the HR Organization and processes?
– How do we attract and develop employees to succeed in the digital agenda?

10:50 – 11.00: Follow-up on Group Discussion and wrap up

11.00 Thank you. To-go sandwich. SAP and twoHundred