Digital and organizational transformation of Codan Marketing


Sølyst, Den Kongelige Skydebane

Emiliekildevej 2, 2930 Klampenborg


Apr 21st, 2020 from:

08:00 - 11:00

Digital and organizational transformation of Codan Marketing

Mette Heering Pontoppidan

Director of Marketing and Communications at Codan

Welcome, breakfast and introduction. Kim Funch, twoHundred & Mads Rasmussen Bjørklund, Adobe

Mette Heering Pontoppidan, Director of Marketing & Communications, Codan

Digital and organizational transformation of Codan Marketing – increase your customer’s digital engagement through digitalization, martech and agile network structure.

Codan has been on an efficiency journey to become more competitive and more digital.
Marketing has changed from a business appendix to a specialist marketing department. Marketing and Communication has merged into one department – an agile network-based organization working in sprints, tribes and cross-functional teams of specialists in Marketing Technology and digitalization.

Mette Heering Pontoppidan has been the driving force behind the transformation and will take us through the challenges and rewards:

• Through a restructure of the organization, workflows have been automated between Marketing and agencies to reduce time-to-market for content and campaigns.
• Through a better utilization of the disciplines within Marketing & Communications, they have broken the code and found a great formula for starting an interesting “topic of conversation” that they share across marketing and communications, driving traffic through their digital channels.
• Through Automated Personalization they are now able to target their customers and visitors with the right content at the right time and the customer experience is constantly improving itself as the Codan site evolves and learnes more about the visitors.

Mads Rasmussen Bjørklund, Adobe

Create your personalization strategy by levering all your creative content!

The amount of digital assets required to support all the digital experiences that marketers need to deliver today is growing exponentially. The number of channels and devices continue to grow; marketers are increasingly personalizing experiences; and marketers are being asked to deliver more campaigns faster than ever before.
This means marketers must find ways to streamline their content creation, management, and distribution processes to reduce time-to-market for digital assets and become more effective.

• Why is it so hard to leverage content for delivering Omni-channel experiences?
• How can technology help drive effectiveness for creating, sharing and deploying digital assets?
• What are the efficiency gains and value drivers for building a positive business case for content management?

Group discussion: Based on the following considerations

1. What considerations should you take to reduce your time-to-market for content?
2. How do you prioritize when it comes to using content for relevant and valuable personalization for your customers?

Round off the group discussion. Adobe

Thanks for today. Kim Funch, twoHundred & Adobe