Delivering value from insights in the modern marketing mix


Grand Hotel

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Nov 4th, 2020 from:

08:00 - 11:00

Data, dashboards and delight - delivering value from insights in the modern marketing mix

Stephanie Huf

Head of Marketing and Industries, Telia Global and Division X at Telia Company

Stefan Landfeldt

Digital Evangelist at Sitecore

Digital services and related data availability gives us insights we never had before, and it takes tools, skills and a new level of alignment to learn, test and implement at a new pace, to improve the product/service experience as well as the buying and customer service experience

08:00 – 08:30: Welcome, breakfast & introduction to agenda and delegates: Kim Funch / twoHundred and Stefan Landfeldt, Digital Evangelist from Sitecore

08:30-09:30: Data, dashboards and delight – delivering value from insights in the modern marketing mix:

40 minutes presentation and 20 mins. For Q&A

Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing in Telia’s Division X, will share her experiences from 3 different cases over the last 2 years in both b2b and b2c – and highlight how they have been able to capture and harness customer and user insights and engagement across the various marketing domains?

• Data and Consumer insights: Telia Smart Family journey – data and consumer insights have been critical in every step of the journey where Telia pivoted the value proposition from smart home to smart family. Along the way, lots of lessons learned in AB message testing, interpreting growth metrics, and working with insights to prioritize and evaluate new functionality.

• Improving ad spend and customer experience through clever use of data: Telia Sense Connected Car – an innovative online and offline co-marketing campaign used data in clever ways to improve ad spend, adapt tactics and to convince internal stakeholders, but also exposed critical issues hampering customer acquisition and experience.

• Analyzing the movement of crowds to capture the interest and turn it into business value:

Telia Crowd Insights – this is a new service based on analyzing the movement of crowds, which has become highly relevant during the pandemic. This required a fast response and integrated way of working across product development, sales, marketing, communications, and public affairs to capture the interest and turn it into business value.

09.30-10.45: Group discussion presented and moderated by Stefan Landfeldt, Digital Evangelist from Sitecore, where we hope that you will share your thoughts, experiences and challenges on the following topic and questions.

How to utilize your insights when you create manage and orchestrate digital experiences.

• How do you feed algorithms with enough content?
• How much more content do you need?
• Make the impact of your digital experience available to everyone

10.45-11.00: Follow up on group discussion and program: Stefan Landfeldt, Digital Evangelist, Sitecore

11.00. Thank you