Consumer Experience and Customer Loyalty at Volvo Cars and Nordea




May 28th, 2021 from:

13:00 - 15:00

Elizabeth Fjellerup

Group CMO at Nordea

Pia Tromber

Head of Consumer Experience at Volvo Cars

Thomas Karlsson

Senior Advisor, Customer Experience at SAS Institute

To know what it means to improve the customer experience and promote engagement can be challenging. We know that the preference of customers is to choose the easiest option that works. We also know that winning new customers requires offering a good value proposition. Generating long-term loyalty is less about continuously appealing to your customer’s consideration and more about making familiar and easy choices.

Customer loyalty has become the natural by-product of a consumer experience that is focused on encouraging repeated brand engagement. Businesses that take steps to simplify the path to purchase and focus on facilitating social conversations of friends and influencers are more likely to establish a long-lasting relationship with its customers.

There has never been a better time to a create and focus on a more personalized, one-to-one consumer experience that drives real loyalty, than there is today. It is important now more than ever for brands to collect, understand and work their data to get to know their customers better to strengthen the consumer experience and customer loyalty.

12.50 – 13.00: Arrival in Zoom

Guests can dial in, get comfortable, check their technology is working, turn off all distractions, and get ready for the discussion.

13.00 – 13.05: Welcome by twoHundred

Kim Funch, Project Director. Opening remarks to set the scene for the morning: context, how it will all work and some house rules.

13.05 – 13.35: New marketing opportunities post Covid-19 – Staying closer to the customers: Elizabeth Fjellerup, Group CMO, Nordea

Elizabeth will present what Nordea has done to stay close to customers in an ever-changing environment using digitalization as tools for sustaining the customer experience.

  • How will organizational and operating models need to change to be quick and flexible enough to meet consumers in all times?
  • How do you build agility into your organization?
  • How will the changes in customer behavior affect the (marketing) digital innovation of the organization?


13.35-14.20: Virtual Group Discussion on Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience:

Thomas Karlsson, Senior Advisor, Customer Experience, SAS Institute will initiate the group discussion with a short presentation on Customer loyalty in the digital age – pre and post covid-19 based on a brand-new SAS survey.

Participants are divided in virtual groups of 5 where we hope that you will share your thoughts, experiences and challenges with your Nordic CMO peers:

    1. Has the pandemic changed the way you do marketing?
        • What campaigns/ communications has worked well under COVID-19?
        • What changes do you expect from the customers after COVID-19?
    2. Customer loyalty has changed in the digital age. What do you do to create or keep the “digital trust” from the customers?
    3. What role do you see AI have in your marketing?
        • Are you already using it?
        • What value do you expect AI to bring, or already brings?
    4. Attribution modelling – “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”


14.20-14.50: Consumer Experience at Volvo Cars – a true omnichannel way of providing customers with a direct relation to Volvo Cars: Pia Tromber, Head of Consumer Experience at Volvo Cars.

Volvo Cars is fundamentally modernising and upgrading the way its customers buy, lease, subscribe to and service their cars as it works towards its ambition to sell 50 per cent of its global volume online by 2025.

Consumer Experience is said to soon override product as the main differentiator for what brand a consumer chooses. We strongly believe in this and as such Volvo Cars aims to, not only continue to offer premium cars, but also to offer a premium, seamless, and personal consumer experience across the whole journey.

Pia Trombers presentation will be about how they approach this challenge within Volvo Cars, specifically focused on the EMEA-region.

14.50 – 15.00: Follow-up on group discussion and the event

15.00 Thank you.

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