Customer Experience Management at LEGO – How to get the most out of digitization without losing touch with the core business


Sølyst, Den Kongelige Skydebane

Emiliekildevej 2, 2930 Klampenborg


Oct 29th, 2020 from:

08:00 - 10:00

Henrik Engmark Daae

Digital Product Director at LEGO Group

In LEGO, they have always had an innovative and user / customer-oriented culture, which is about understanding the users and engaging the users and at the same time living up to their brand promises and the users’ expectations. This has made LEGO one of the world’s most valuable brands.

Henrik Daae, Head of Engagement – Cross Audience at LEGO, will explain how they work with CEM in LEGO and have managed to increase the perceived value of their traditional products, focusing on:

• The digital building instructions, and how they increase the perceived value of the LEGO products, while ensuring a new generation of builders get the best possible start with the LEGO product experience.

• The business value of getting access to a new world of data and continuous improvement of the physical product experience, in a way that has not been possible before.
Group discussion – Innovative Customer Experience

After Henrik’s presentation, Jonas Almstrup from SAP Customer Experience will introduce the group discussion, where we hope you will share your experiences and thoughts on the following points:

• How do you ensure that the digitization of a core part of a well-known customer experience is innovative, yet in line with the customer’s expectations of a well-known brand and associated values?

• How to convert users to the new digital experience without upsetting non-digital / traditional users?