Customer Experience in challenging times




May 27th, 2020 from:

09:15 - 10:45

Elizabeth Fjellerup

Group CMO at Nordea

Emma Sutton

Sr. Customer Director EMEA, Cloud Transformation at Oracle and former Senior Vice President, Bank of America responsible for Customer Experience

Customer Experience in challenging times

A discussion between Nordic CMOs, moderated by Nordea Global CMO, Elizabeth Fjellerup

Nordea & Oracle

Improving our businesses together. Across industries and across borders, we are all facing extraordinary changes in the market. These pressures, while stressful, also provide opportunities for us to act for now and the future. No one has all of the answers but together, as a group of Nordic CMOs, we can inspire one another based on our own specific experiences and concerns.

Elizabeth Fjellerup, Group CMO, Nordea will moderate this discussion between maximum 40 Nordic CMOs from the largest companies. We limit the number of participants to provide the best possible digital conditions for knowledge sharing and networking with breakout groups, a panel discussion and Q&As in a virtual setting.


09:15 – 09:25: Arrival

Guests can dial in, get comfortable, check their technology is working, turn off all distractions, and get ready for the discussion.

09.25: Welcome by twoHundred:

Opening remarks from the facilitator to set the scene for the morning: context, how it will all work and some house rules.

09.30 – 09.50: Elizabeth Fjellerup, Group CMO, Nordea & Emma Sutton, Sr. Customer Director EMEA, Cloud Transformation at Oracle and former Senior Vice President, Bank of America responsible for Customer Experience.

Elizabeth Fjellerup will introduce the challenge – CX in Challenging times and present her views.

Emma Sutton will share her thoughts and experiences and initiate the group discussion with some stimulus questions to start the knowledge sharing with your virtual neighbors.

09.50 – 10.20: Group discussion – 6 virtual breakout groups:

As CMOs, we all know the retaining, growing, and acquiring customers are all key to getting through these challenging times:

• What are the implications of the extraordinary changes in the market for the CX and market strategies in your businesses?
• What key challenges do you see that will require that we as executives step-up…and what should we do to address these challenges?
• Is this situation also an opportunity to build stronger businesses for the future? And if so, what are you doing or considering doing to build for this future?

10.20 – 10.45: Panel discussion with Elizabeth Fjellerup and Emma Sutton

Each breakout group will present a group discussion point for the panel, and input will be sought, discussed, and shared to the benefit of all during this interactive discussion. Then finally, to round-off the event, Elizabeth Fjellerup and Emma Sutton will wrap-up the discussions.

10.45: Thank you

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