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The digital transformation has left the buzzword level however, processes have been increasingly digitized (in the logistics sector strongly, but also in many other sectors of the economy). But digitalisation is bringing about further changes along the supply chain: on procurement routes, along our own supply chains, in interaction with partners, suppliers and customers, and in the creation of new and modified old business models. Logistics know-how and the understanding of economically driven supply and value chains is of elementary importance, but not enough on its own. Above all, the companies that we will be succesfull have sufficient IT understanding and a sense for fast pace, customer requirements and the right digital opportunities. Hear more about this at twoHundreds Supply Chain Executive Forums. Terms & Conditions: Participating as personally invited C-level executive at our Supply Chain Executive Forums is free of charge and when signing up for the event you allow us to share your E-mail address with the other attendees, with the purpose of continuing the dialogue after the event.

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Featured speaker

Claus Østergaard

SVP Global Supply Chain at Vestas


Featured speaker

Christian Swahn

EVP Supply Chain at Autoliv