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Digitization continues to be a focal point for CIOs: Many companies have through their digitalization increased efficiency in day-to-day business and securing the company's market position. Digitalization is relevant and creating value and generating revenue through new products and service. The digitalization is changing the business models in almost every industry. But there are still several hurdles for companies in general like the lack of staff, inflexible business processes and the limited adaptability of legacy systems. The CIOs that are most successful in digitization are taking different paths than their peers, for example by driving data analytics and establishing interdisciplinary teams of IT professionals. These developments are the touchpoints in twoHundreds CIO Executive Forums. Terms & Conditions: Participating as personally invited C-level executive at our CIO Executive Forums is free of charge and when signing up for the event you allow us to share your E-mail address with the other attendees, with the purpose of continuing the dialogue after the event.

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Transformation of the IT organisation to a business centric focus

Featured speaker

Peer Omann

Group IT Director at Bunker Holding


Featured speaker

Teemu Salmi

SVP, CIO & Head of Digitalization at Stora Enso