Since twoHundred was founded in the year 2017, we have stubbornly insisted on re-inventing the events business, so we are able to host both top enterprise management needs for knowledge and networking together with business partners requirement for creating relationships with C-level enterprise segments. This without harming the essence of a great event which in twoHundred perspective can be boiled down to one essential sentence – Equals sharing. A movement away from events being build on salespitches and back to building relationships.


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Our core business is knowledge sharing and through that - adding value to top managements work in their individual companies

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Scalable Sustainability at Vestas

Featured speaker

Claus Østergaard

SVP Global Supply Chain at Vestas


Featured speaker

Michael Ørnø

Direktør at Statens IT


IT driving the green transition

Featured speaker

Sune Tornbo Baastrup

SVP & CIO at Danfoss

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Business INSIGHT provides information about the largest Nordic companies, reveals their performance features, portrays their top management and contains dozens of special interest topics as the event magazine. The editorial content focuses on high-quality industry guides, numerous current and value-oriented suggestions for the B2B target group of decision makers, executives and opinion leaders to use in their individual companies.


Public IT and Digital Executive Forum
29 / 10 / 2019

CFO Executive Forum H2 2019
08 / 10 / 2019

CIO Executive Forum H2 2019
03 / 10 / 2019

SC and Procurement Executive Forum
26 / 09 / 2019